Maranatha Motorcycle Ministry Ride

Maranatha Motorcycle Ministry is an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Paradise, California.
The purpose and intent of Maranatha Motorcycle Ministry is identical with the Church.
We are not a club nor do we have a membership as such. Our ministry meetings are any of the regularly scheduled functions of Calvary Chapel of Paradise. We promote a monthly fellowship ride and a yearly Motorcycle Ministry Conference. As a ministry of Calvary Chapel of Paradise, our ministry goals are simple.

We desire to glorify God by :

  1. Promoting God's Love and grace in the motorcycle community.
  2. Promoting and participating in activities which promote goodwill for the motorcycle community.
  3. Offering Christian ministry to any individual, group or club regardless of affiliation, identifications or reputations.
    We are available for weddings, funerals, dedications, invocations or just plain help to anyone in the motorcycle community as we have either ability or opportunity to do so.

For further information, please call Calvary Chapel of Paradise at (530) 873-3114.

Calvary Chapel of Paradise - P.O. Box 295 - Paradise, CA 95967